About Aneugene


Aneugene was founded by Dr Weidong Zhang to bring the gentle, effective art of Traditional Chinese Medicine to busy, hardworking London. Dr Zhang believes that by combining his degree in Clinical Medicine with the ancient practise of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which he has studied extensively for twenty years, he can help to bring harmony and wellbeing to all who feel stressed or drained by the demands of modern life.


Working from a clinic in central Battersea since 2008, just 5 minutes walk from Clapham Junction station, Dr Zhang specialises in many forms of pain relief including back, neck, shoulder, arthritis, sciatica, migraines and neuralgia. He has also helped to treat both male and female infertility along with the common ailments of stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Educated at Medical School of Jiaotong University, Shanghai, Dr Zhang graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Medicine to complement his interest in alternative therapies. Aneugene now offers holistic beauty treatments alongside ever-popular acupuncture, massage, reflexology and herbal remedies. The clinic can also help you with sustainable weight loss, giving up smoking and boosting your immune system, helping you to defend yourself against illnesses in the future.


Traditional Chinese Medicine works on the principle of bringing your life into harmony. It is believed that illness and disease are caused by things being out of balance, and looks at life as a whole, focusing on helping to prevent future problems rather than just treating the symptoms.
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