Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine can have its origins traced directly back over two thousand years. Today it is practised not only in modern China but all over the world, with extensive studies showing its effectiveness through popular treatments such as acupuncture and herbal medicine, recommended by many Western doctors to ease pain and promote general wellbeing.

One of the main differences between Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Western medicine is that our holistic treatments focus on preventing, rather than simply treating, the symptoms of illness and disease, helping to keep you feeling healthy and strong for longer.


The philosophy behind Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon bringing the body into harmony and balance. The body is viewed as an interconnected whole, so likewise the body is treated as a whole rather than just one particular symptom.

No matter your age or condition, Aneugene will look into the cause of the issue and prescribe a treatment specifically tailored for you and your body.


You can come to us for advice and treatment for skin problems, aches and pains, trouble sleeping, infertility, allergies, stress and even the common cold. Whether you're feeling unwell or simply want to maintain your good health for the future, we can call upon thousands of years of holistic medicine to help you get the most out of life.
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