Beauty Treatments

Results From Within

At Aneugene we work with your body to identify any problems that may be causing you to have skin problems or difficulties in maintaining your ideal weight. We can also help treat hair loss, cellulite, the signs of ageing, loose skin and the visible effects of smoking, stress and fatigue.

When you are in full health, it shows. 

With acupuncture, ultrasonic treatments and specially selected herbal remedies, we can help to treat and prevent a variety of symptoms and get you looking and feeling better than ever.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a ‘holistic’ approach to health.  This means that your physical, mental and emotional states are taken into account when diagnosing and treating illnesses.

Once successfully treated, a reoccurrence of the problem is rare as the underlying causes are eliminated through the treatment and lifestyle changes suggested.

We combine acupressure, massage and acupuncture in a new method to speed up metabolic process, consume fatty tissue and to help lose weight effectively.  We can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase firmness and moisturise dry skin to revitalise and regenerate the skin.
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